Kicking my own butt one workout at a time.

photo  Its damn hot in Tokyo today. Long weekend, Sunday already slipping by fast, and as the sun starts to set, I head downstairs for the relatively cool garage and set myself to work. The iPod blazes away as I get into the rhythm and let myself dissolve into the technique, avoiding thoughts of the copious amounts of sweat that start coursing down my body.

Ah… nothing like it, but right now it still comes across as a form of punishment.

One word rattles around in my mind- consistency.

Life has had other things in mind the last few months though- my own sickness and recovery, then a bunch of international travel for business and them Hidemi getting seriously ill as well….argh.

It is hard to be consistent in our modern lifestyles. We are too damn busy most of the time, too many responsibilities, not enough free time.

Time spent on yourself is sacred- do not waste it.

Just spoke to a friend that I haven’t seen for twenty years or so, the voice still sounds like yesterday. We both remark just how quick time flies…don’t waste it!

Gotta get out there….


Breathe in, breathe out, find peace within yourself and kick your own butt.



2 Responses to “Kicking my own butt one workout at a time.”

  1. scrumpty dumpty Says:

    are there kettlebells sold in Hiroshima,japan?

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