Quality Kettlebell Supply in Japan

One of the first problems I found on coming back to Japan was the lack of quality equipment available to the average person here. Rakuten and Amazon.jp do have bells available, but in general these are of very poor design and quality, and if using them you risk the chance of serious injury. See my recent post on the good and the bad for more details.

Kettlebells, good ones, need to be manufactured to certain specifications. The best available out there for a long time were the RKC bells, but nowadays with the availability of competition level kettlebells as well, you can gain the benefits that normally only top athletes know about.

There is only one option if you want to buy quality equipment from the very beginning- contact me.

Whats the difference? I will explain!

pro-style kettlebells

pro-style kettlebells

Why Pro Series?
For the “Snatch”, “Clean & Jerk” lifts, the Pro Series bells are definitely better and safer as they move around less at lockout. The centre of gravity is closer to the midline on cleans as the distance from handle to the bell is less than many other bells. This design is considered the ultimate for high repetition use because the design is the same between sizes, there is no need to change technique when moving between weights. Feel the difference and you won’t go back!
After training with the Pro Series, you will gain a new found appreciation for high repetition lifting techniques like the “corkscrew” rack and GS style swings etc. These bells are perfect for professional athletes, men and women alike, mma fighters, and your average 9-5’er who wants to get serious about achieving those fitness goals.

Serious about your own fitness goals? Dont settle for second best.

16 Responses to “Quality Kettlebell Supply in Japan”

  1. those kettlebells VERY nice

  2. Diego Vebobe Says:

    Do you sell kettlebells to anyone or only to professsionnals ? How much does the shippping cost to send the kettlebells to France for example ?

  3. Does Turbo have two 20kg in stock? If so I will give him a call. Unless you have two in stock. Give me a call 080-1702-9417.

  4. Mark:
    Two questions:
    1. I tried to find prices but maybe looked in the wrong place. Can you advise the cost on the different types?
    2. I have been working out with dumb bells at home – don’t like gyms – and am interested in kettlebells. What would you recommend as a starter? I am not into real heavy lifting at the moment…I want to keep my muscle tone and lose some weight as well.


  5. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for writing in to GKJ.
    First off- where are you located? Once I know that, I can point you in the direction of a local kb supply.
    Starting weight is going to be either a 12 or a 16kg bell for you, depending on your size, flexibility etc. I strongly suggest that you find an instructor that you can do some kind of introductory instruction with so as to confirm all the proper techniques etc. They can also do an assessment of your basic condition so as to get you off to a great start.
    Let me know some more about you, and we can go from there.

    You can also reach me at

  6. I can always be reached at
    as well ;)

  7. Craig Riches Says:

    Can you recommend a good kettlebell supplier for someone living in the The Netherlands?

  8. Great site! Has good useful information. In my opinion, I believe nobody knows this yet or they don’t think it’ll be crucial to ther lives.

  9. Hi GaijinKettlebell,

    your website is so full of important information, im so glad that i stumbled upon your site.

    I am very interested in bringing Kettlebells to Singapore, may i know what you would recommend as a supplier in the region or otherwise?

    thank you in advance for your help!


  10. Stephen Oeder Says:

    I am interested in finding a supplier to purchase and ship a 24KG kettlebell to my son who is stationed in Camp Casey, S. Korea. The closest town is dongducheon. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Stephen Oeder

  11. Gabrielle Says:

    As a foreigner in Japan, I found it really difficult to find a kettlebell supplier seeing as I don’t speak very much of the language. So happy to have found this page! Just received my kettlebell from Mark and I can definitely feel the difference compared to the ones I have back at home in Australia. The weight feels a lot more evenly distributed throughout the bell when performing swings which does make it a lot easier to do more repetitions. I was never big into exercise but did a 4-week kettlebell bootcamp and saw a big change in my overall fitness, endurance and body. They are now my favourite form of exercise. Definitely recommend people to give it a go! :-)

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