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In the beginning..

image_0093There was a quite overweight and unfit 43 year old who had been sitting at his japanese company desk for ten hours a day consistently for the last year and a half. What had once been a lean and trim physique had gone by the wayside in my feeble attempts to handle my job stress and personal lifestyle (for more information, read my other blog).
Being posted to Europe five months ago was a blessing and a curse, for I ultimately realised that whatever fitness endeavours I undertook, they needed to be sustainable and applicable when I was back in Japan; in fact, just about anywhere.

As Pavel Tsatsouline would say, enter the kettlebell and bodyweight exercises….

And I have not looked back since. With a daily exercise regimen that combined elements of bike riding, hill climbing and body weight exercises, and the gradual introductionof the kettlebell into my daily life, I dropped 10-12 kgs in body weight. So much so that my in Japan could barely recognize me when I got back.

This blog will be both part diary and hopefully a contact hub for other westerners and gaijin interested in exercising in these techniques, and not necessarily relying on the gym environment to do it in.

 Much more than isolating body parts and exercising them, this complete body exercise regime trains your core muscles first and ultimately shows the relationship between your total body musculature.

Its definitely worth a good look at, once you get beyond the initial ‘what the…’ stage.

So, heres to fitness, anywhere, way, any how. Learn through me, my personal journey of success and failures as I master this lifetime discipline.

Heres to the pood!




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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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