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Body weight resistance training

This is the starting point for your entry into kettlebells and what they can do for you.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be in a fairly good state of health before you start to do these exercises, as at times they use rather unconventional approaches to physical endurance and training.

You have been warned and my responsibility has been waived… only the insane need read on…

As Pavel will tell you, there are only a few basic exercises that you need to master. I will start with two. The one arm pushup, and the preparation for the single leg squat. Both of these exercises will:

  1. train your core muscles
  2. show you how to use your whole body musculature in unison for maximum training effect
  3. teach you about balance- just wait….!
  4. show you muscles that you never thought you had before

Both of these exercises are mentioned in great detail in Pavel Tsatouline’s book, the Naked Warrior ( no, they have clothes on, so dont worry). This book provides you with a modern day Spartan-like training regimen that can be performed anywhere, which is why it caught my attention in the first place.

I wasn’t sure when the next time I would see the inside of a gym (I had just moved to Europe at the time), and I needed a practical method to keep in shape. Here it was in bright technicolor.

Rather than going into great detail about how to perform these exercises ( do some research yourself, guys and gals), I will say that these exercises focus your attention on balance in the initial stages as a key ingredient to understanding your body and its capabilities. That, and the use of your whole muscle mass, rather than what you are generally used to when isolating a muscle on a machine at the gym, or with a specific exercise.

For me, these exercises beat them all.

 So, go and do a little research on the net, do some reading, and come back for next time.






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