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They arrive!

untitledA rather shocked delivery man knocks on the door and hands me a package much heavier than he anticipated- the dreaded kettlebells have arrived!
Its been a good month since I have used them, so I will take it easy and go through the basics of handling and using them again.
Kettlebells must have your absolute respect, if not, you face hurting yourself in a serious way rather rapidly.
Imagine your standard cannon shot from the 19th century; weld a handle onto it, and then start bodybuilding using them as your main source of resistance. Welcome to the kettlebell experience. It will change your life.image_0071
Things to remember:
  1. you need to be in pretty good overall shape before you start using these things. And I mean pretty good overall shape : your core muscles need to be prepared for all body usage. Kettlebells are NOT like working out at a gym.
  2. you need to start SLOWLY, or you will tweak some of your smaller muscles and possibly do some major damage that will take quite some time to heal. I overstretched my knee a month ago by not warming up properly and I still have to be very careful when I start to exercise ( and I am 43)
  3. there is a conceptual understanding of how to exercise which is very important to grasp before you start; that is, our goal is to turn each excercise into as total a body experience as possible.
  4. think of this kind of exercise as a blend of yoga and intense muscle contraction, and you will be on the way to understanding what this is all about.
  5. I suggest that you read this book before you start, and master these two exercises: the single arm pushup, and the single leg squat.
  6. the wha? and the whaaa?

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2 responses to “They arrive!

  1. Mark,
    Congratulations on the launch of your Kettlebell Japan blog.
    Nice piece of work and good timing.
    I started Kettlebells about a month ago and am already getting good results.( Even for an old guy like me.) I have ordered
    Pavel’s book and video from Dragon Door. In your post you
    mention the Kettlebells arriving. Where did you order them
    from? Is there anywhere here in Japan that imports them?
    Finally, if you organize any kind of training or seminar, please
    let me know. Best regards. Dave Parmer/Tokyo

  2. markeu ⋅

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the comments and welcome to the blog. Yes, the easiest way to get kb’s in Japan is to order them through Rakuten. They have a range of sizes available up to about 40 kgs, but thats a little way in the distance for me. I am currently doing just fine with the 16kg version, but am ready to go up in a week or so.
    Here is a link for you :

    Regarding training, I am trying to put together a group here in Tokyo to train together, but that will take a little time as the kettlebell idea is still not very well known. I have just set up a Gaijin Fitness group on facebook ( so lets see how that goes! Basically a way for foreigners to contact each other for any sport or activity and find others doing similiar things.

    There is one RKC instructor here in Tokyo. He doesnt speak english, and does some basic courses in Shinjuku once a month( a little pricey afaik).

    I may end up taking the RKC instructor training with him myself once I check him out.
    As for me, I am doing all the basic exercises plus some more advanced ones at the moment, cleans, one leg squats and pulls, plus a bunch of bodyweight exercises to keep me toned. How advanced are you? We could always hook up and practice in a park somewhere, much to the consternation of the local japanese populace!

    I have a bunch of material which I am willing to share with you if you need. Just drop me a line at

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