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Tension training

Go into a pushup position, and raise your body 2 or 3 inches off the ground and hold the position.

Then, gradually go around your body and check that each muscle in your body is tigh and being used. Start at your toes and work your way up each leg, checking that each muscle is as flexed as possible and incorporated into this simple, yet effective check of muscular control.

Work your way up through your body, checking that your core muscles and smaller muscle groups are being used and are in a state of tension. Looking good? Have a friend or workout buddy check as well. There are parts of your body that just seem to hide when put to this rather strict test.

The reality is, there are TONS of muscles that we just dont use normally or are not aware of.

That stops today.

Here is another variation of the same exercise.

Stand in front of a mirror ( full length if you have one), and do the same exercise, working your way through your body and tensing each muscle in turn until your whole musculature is tight and tensed.

We are going to need this state of tension for your one armed pushups, your squats and then eventually the kettlebell routines.

Get to know what body musculature tention feels like soon! And start extending your concept of body awareness.






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