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Ask yourself these questions:

What are you willing to do in order to trim yourself down and get the physique you want? If you are exercising properly and being conscious of your eating patterns, the two are most definitely related and will affect each other as you transform your body.

What are you willing to monitor in order to get the physique you want?

In order to achieve any kind of sustainable target, you need to gain almost a meditative awareness of – you. By that, I mean you need to get to know yourself intimately on a physical and biological level; how your body works, what it needs for nutrition, when it is tired, when you can push it a little harder than usual, how to sustain it and keep it in peak physical condition.

None of this will come easy, but it is doable. If I can do it, you can.  Believe me.


For conditioning, again I am all for sustainability, rather than occassional bursts of super activity that you will not be able to sustain over the long run. Living in Tokyo, for me its all about ease of performance and the time it takes to finish.

I choose skipping as my main method to trim down these days. When I was back in Jersey, I was on a bik ever day doing at least 20-30 kms each day, half of that uphill. In Tokyo, unless I like catching trains out to the middle of nowhere with my bike in a bag…..well, thats not going to happen right now.

Skipping it is. Its fast, easy to perform in most areas, will kick your butt real fast, and tirms down your body a treat.

I use a boxer’s basic training regimen, skipping 3 minute bursts over a 30 minute period, with a 1 minute rest period between each set. Find yourself some nice trackcs to listen to on your mp3 player or ipod/whatever, and dress to sweat.

Then get out there and start. If you get used to this fast and want to increase the intensity, you can use the rest periods for some other exercise- situps, pushups, whatever floats your boat. I guarantee your heart will be pounding.

And dont forget to re hydrate yourself afterwards.

Go for it!


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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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