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My training

I started off at the end of July not being able to do either a one hand pushup or the beginnings of a single leg squat as mentioned in the Naked Warrior, but I was inspired with the fact that

  • I could train without the use of a gym
  • that I could train just about anywhere
  • that Icould work towards a tangible strength and bodybuilding target that could be made easier of harder depending on my level of proficiency

Since I was living near the sea ( Jersey in the channel Islands, always near the sea, doh), the beach was the place I started. With the single arm pushup,since I had not trained seriously for at last two years, I was a mess at the beginning, barely able to balance before I collapsed to the sand beneath me in a quivering mess.

Same thing with the single leg squat, I would practice against a low wall that simulated the ‘box squat’  they recommended in the book, and gradually work down its slope, since it tapered off to ground level at one end. The thing that came home to me very rapidly was the fact that I had little control over my any of my whole muscles, even though I had been bike riding about 45 km a day for months in Japan. And that when put to the test in slow motion type movements, my strength qucikly diminished to jello.

As with all things, persistence pays off, and my early struggles soon started to show their effect. I discovered something called core muscles, and made the first attempts at learning to control them. The main thing with all of this, as explained in the book, is repetition and consistency. You just have to do these exercises regularly to start seeing the benefit. The first month I wasnt aware of anything really dramatic except my balance improved quite a lot. Then suddenly changes in my musculature became apparent; I started seeing muscles that I hadnt seen in years start to appear, and my relationship with my whole body started to change. The execises gave me the confidence to be able to take charge of my physical body once again- and with rapid results.

I need to start getting some pictures for the stories here- its dull just reading text, but I hope my stories inspire you.




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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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