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You might all be wondeing why and how I got into this in the first place.

I have always loved to exercise, since I was a kid playing soccer and doing the usual sports at school. I discovered weights t about the age of eighteen, when moving away from home and living in Sydney Australia, I soon discovered that if I didnt exercise my body went to flab pretty darn fast. Training at the gym pretty much consistently since then, I have noticed that total body fitness and muscular developement is for many people something that constantly eludes them, die to either lifestyle, poor training methods, or unclear goals as to what they are doing and how to go about achieving the result they aspire to.

I personally have tried lots of techniques, but at 43, I want something that is sustainable, natural, and involving as much of my body as possible so as to give me the best result. The image of the Spartans( albeit holywood style) is a good one- the exercised themselves much like the Romans did with a lot of natural body movements, practising using their whole bodies in coordinated and necessary movements. Pavel also talks about the mimicking effect of lifting, pressing etc in his book, the fact that we are basically taking natural movements and replicating them in exercise.

This is what I am after- a body awareness that extends beyond a workout, a muscular control that lasts throughout the day, and a physique that says. I know what my body is and know how to use it in a concerted way. The tension training aspect of all this is killer: just like your average gymnast, the focus is on muscular control throughout the whole range of movement.

And its not just for men- this form of exercise is for everyone who wants control over their own body.

Well, thats me- how about you? Feel free to drop in your own personal motivations.




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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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