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Progress Update

image_032Recently, I have been working out with the k’bells almost every day, even though work commitments have kept me fairly busy these last few weeks. Pavel recommends that you vary the time spent training, so some days I am near the 45-50 minute mark, others just ten minutes and focusing on one or two exercises, at times for high repetitions and variety.

I have just received today my new best friend: a 20 kg/44lbs kettlebell that will probably keep me hot and sweaty for the next few weeks getting used to it. I actually wanted to go up to a 24kg/52 lb’er, but they weren’t in stock and of course I wanted my new friend today, not tomorrow!

I am going to concentrate on swings and snatches for the time being, as well and the Turkish get up, which will see my whole core muscle structure shocked into some new strength and if I am lucky, growth too.

Day 1 workout

Whew- that was an eye opener. Its amazing how only 4 kg (10lb) can make a massive difference on the working of your body. I started off with a range of upper body exercise sand swings to get me warmed up; one arm swings, the clean, the snatch (which felt like a lot more weight and made me realise that I cant skimpgetting under the weight as I clear it overhead or it will smack against my wrist as a warning of bad form) and some  one arm presses for fun to see how the weight feels. I made sure to pay attention to my stomach being tight and my core muscles all activated as much as possible. Quite glad I didn’t jump too far up to the 24 kg ( 52 lb’er) so that I can be sure of my form.


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