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Weekly Diary- day two

I thought I would include a weeks worth of training from me, just so that you can see how I am doing and perhaps get some ideas for your own workouts. I try to balance bodyweight resistance with the kettlebells and also some aerobic exercise, so that my body gets a good workout.

Today, I am cycling through this routine:

Cycle one: through four times

  • set of abs roller x 10 x 4, concentrating on form. I only got the roller a couple of days ago, and after my firstworkout, my middle stomach muscles were pretty trashed, so I took a day off. Felt much better today and went nice and slow, the knee version for now.
  • single leg pistols x 4/5 x 4 sets, no weight, slow, working through balance stick points (about 3/4 way down for me. I recently tweaked my right knee, so have to go back to basics and work my way up the weights again till my knee stability comes back)
  • double kb overhead press, sets of 8 x 4

Cycle two: through twice

  • side bridge, 30 secs or more each x 4
  • single leg bent leg squat ( one leg held up in the air as you squat, touch your knee to the floor then back up)
  • turkish get ups x 2 x 20 kg. Doing two back to back really took it out of me with the new weight. Woah- that felt a lot heavier and I really needed to concetrate on keeping my body tight and the weight balanced. The great thing is that I know that this exercise will really do amazing things to both my strength and musculature, so I will keep at it at least 3 times a week.

And then I was exhausted…!


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