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Weekly Diary- Day Three

Have been playing and experimenting with my new 20 kg friend. Also a 12 kg kettlebell was aquired this week- I need it for starting all the bent press exercises and windmills etc, also while I am rehabilitating my knee, which is progressing rather well I must say.

Todays workout was a little shorter:


Pistols x4 x4 (12kg k’bell)

bent press x4 x4 (12kg k’bell)

ab roller x 4 x10

Swings x 10 x 4

overhead press x 4 x 5

One minute break between sets, cycling through these exercises.


About mark_a

international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle

2 responses to “Weekly Diary- Day Three

  1. Wild Bill ⋅

    Windmills are a great workout! Though make sure you don’t roll your shoulder towards the ground! I want to order a 24kg soon.

  2. markeu ⋅

    Yep- on that one- I have Pavel’s video which is great to watch when learning new exercises, and I normally go pretty slow as well at first.

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