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Weekly Diary- Day Five


43 years old, 150 pounds, about 10% fat and on the way!

Today I have broken things up a bit to apply as much muscle shock as possible, and keep my whole body primed to exercise.

I am still learning to handle the 20 kg weight, and am also utilising the 12 kg for more specific muscle building movements.

 Warm up/ stretch

Cycle one:

one arm pushups, sets,

20 kg kettlebell swings x 10 x 5

 single leg pistols, no weight by sets of 5

ab roller, sets of 8 x 4


Cycle Two:

12kg single arm palm press x 5 both arms x 4- this will specifically target my balance and control issues with the weights

ab roller continued

single arm pushups continued . Completely different once your body starts getting fatigued from the kb work…


About Marc

international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

One response to “Weekly Diary- Day Five

  1. Annie

    Dang! I should just email this post to my hubby just to claim my six pack off him. It’s been a decade and I am still waiting for him to do a push up. There are you are doing one arm push up. And you even have a diary for it!! I should also get him a stubbie holder that says:”Yeah, what’s next on your wish list.”

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