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Weekly Diary- Day Six

Today was a  day of light, ‘rest and recovery’ type training, so I took things fairly easily. My rear shoulder head feels tired from the heavier weight kbs as well as the full ab rollouts I have started this week. Today I decided to isolate exercises on my lower back and build up my bending strength.


12 kg kb single leg pistols, slow

12kg kb side bends x 5 x4

Single arm biceps curl with 12kg x 5 x 4

12 kg windmills x 5 x4

I can feel my lower back and abs starting to work together when I lfit objects and generally move around, which is essential if I am going to start lifting heavier weight. My hands have taken a beating this week and I will need to toughen up my callouses in order to keep moving these bigger weights around- but for the time being, ouch..


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