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Contract and control- whole body musculature



The amazing Steve Cotter

Pavel goes on and on about contracting the muscles in the body and utilizing as much of your muscle mass to move any weight, be it yourself in a bodyweight only exercise, or lifting a kettlebell.

This is a very subtle and fine point that needs your constant attention and extension of bodily awareness.

I find now that as I try to move heavier and heavier weight, I need more and more focus when I am moving through the exercise, maintaining awareness of how my whole body is being recruited to assist in the movement. Up until recently I have never realised how the various parts of my body assist each other- thanks to isolatory exercises, and I havent been able to put the whole picture of what my body is doing together in my mind.

Those days are over. The main thing now is that when I put my total concentration on what is happening, my body works a lot harder, and my chances of injury become a lot less. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the Turkish getup, which is a gut wrenching physical statement of raw power and control, taking a heavy weight from ground level and suspending it above your head, then slowly bringing your whole body behind it and up to a full standing position, and then back down again. Three reps back to back with the 20 kg kettlebell on one leg and I am panting and pumped!

Welcome awareness!



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