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New personal challenge- RKC certification


I have decided that this year I will develop my kettlebell skills to their utmost level by taking the RKC Certification later in the year in Japan with the only certified instructor available. Having done some research into it, this gentleman seems very serious about his training and will be a great role model for my own development.

In order to pass the certification, apart from running through the basic exercises, checking form and ability to pass of correct information, I will need to snatch a 24 kg kettlebell the equivalent number to my weight, which is 65 kgs, non stop until completion.

That is going to take some serious preparation, which will start today. I will start off with my 16 kg friend until I can snatch that sucker with consistent form, then move up to the 20kg in preparation for the 24- whew.

My legs are shaking just thinking about it! Excitement!

Today consisted of a pretty short workout, to let my body rest. After some warm up swings, I did this:

16kg kb consecutive snatches  x 65

I can tell you I was panting after that. I broke it up into sets of 10 each arm, then going to the other arm, alternating back and forth until the desired number was achieved. Its going to a lot harder with the 20 kg, and even harder with the 24kg…


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