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Preparing for certification

I have managed to get into the groove the last three days by doing at least one set per day of 65 reps snatching the 16 kg k’bell overhead in succession, in less than five minutes each session. As I go through the exercise, I can feel my body go through stages of exhaustion; hands, shoulders, stomach, and in the end it is by form alone that keeps the weight moving through space and up over my head and back again.


Pavel T doing a windmill

Swinging these heavy weights will definitely promote muscles growth in reponse to my body’s need to stabilise itself when performing this movement. That, plus the muscular control and mental focus to just keep at it and go past levels of exhaustion that appear until I achieve my target. I am not a big guy, I weight about 150 pounds and am about 5 feet 8 tall, but swinging these weights around is going to toughen me up, fast.


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