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New Challenges

me2Back in the swing of things, a little heavier in bodyweight than a week ago before blazing a lightening trail around the world on business, but not as bad as could be expected.

I have a new 28 kg kb(61.73 pounds) on the way, which is heavier than I initially anticipated at this time, but fine with me.

I have decided to retire my 16kg kettlebells due to the fact that I need to start getting used to the heavier weights in preparation for certification. I still have the 12 kg bell for lighter, more difficult movements or for training up purposes, and the 20 kg now swings quite easily over my head in cleans. The issue now is hand strength and hand care. Going to need some chalk soon and also make sure that the handles are nice and smooth when I use them.

I am excited to try some Turkish getups with the 28. If you haven’t done this exercise before, it is a must do as your whole body is activated when moving the weight. I can also understand why many people claim excellent shoulder muscle growth and stability gained from this exercise. In fact, at 43 years of age, I can say that I am excited at the daily opportunity to exercise and take care of my health, and that my body will still respond with growth in muscle size and strength.

I still have an issue with my left knee. I think I have been nursing a slightly dislocated knee for the last two years or so, and I need to make sure it is properly aligned before I start lifting heavier weights again with the pistols.


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