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I woke up at 0400am dreaming of snatching my new 28kg beast. I got up at six and went out and started really playing with it. For the time being, a full snatch is out of the question, and I have a pretty good idea which part of my body mechanics is in need of further preparation. I can dead clean the weight to my shoulder no problem, but I just dont have the shoulder/pressing strength to punch it up above my head..yet.

  • my grip is fairly weak- I can feel the bell slipping away after 4 single arm swings
  • my forearms also do not really have enough strength to handle the weight, and they strain once the hands start to go
  • my shoulders are going to need a lot of work, especially if I am ultimately going to press the thing above my head. I will need to work on presses, tgu’s more to get my upper chest more developed and working in sync

So this is how I warmed up today. I figure I will do a split routine today and shock the muscles a bit, eat well, eat the right kind of supplements and protein, and see what happens.

28kg double hand swings 5 sets of 20reps

28 kg kb cleans 3sets x 3-5 reps

20kg snatches

20kg clean and press

20kg military presses 3×3, slow concentrated type

Plan to exercise this evening again with the 20 and 28, then concentrate on a total differrent body part tomorrow.


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