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About Pavel


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About Pavel

Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports, is a former physical training instructor for the Soviet Special Forces, currently a subject matter expert to the U.S. Marine Corps, the National Nuclear Security Administration/U.S. Department of Energy, and the US Secret Service.

Once a nationally ranked kettlebell lifter in the USSR, today Pavel leads the Russian kettlebell invasion of the US. Power by Pavel, Inc. spreads kettlebell propaganda through print and Tactical Strength, Inc. “explains it manually” in workshops.

It all started in 1998 with Pavel’s subversive article, Vodka, Pickle Juice, Kettlebell Lifting, and Other Russian Pastimes, in MILO: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes. The article was extremely well received by the most ruthless critics in the iron world. Pavel’s publisher John DuCane took a leap of faith: “You write a book and I’ll make traditional Russian cast iron kettlebells in the US!”

2001 was the year of the kettlebell. Dragon Door published Pavel’s The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and forged the first US made Russian style cast iron kettlebell. RKC, the first kettlebell instructor course on American soil, kicked off. Finally Pavel, a kettlebell in his hand, was voted the ‘Hot Trainer’ by Rolling Stone.

In the words of one of the most respected names in the strength world Dr. Randall Strossen, “…Pavel Tsatsouline will always reign as the modern king of kettlebells since it was he who popularized them to the point where you could almost found a country filled with his converts…”


About Marc

international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

One response to “About Pavel

  1. Rosemarie

    Yes, Pavel is a “hot trainer”! He appears in a TRX Kettlebell DVD and is intelligent, witty, personable, and obviously experienced. I would purchase more DVDs by this expert not only because of his knowledge but because he is enjoyable to watch and listen to as well 🙂 We use kettlebells in our training, a mostly women’s fitness club, and they give great results with a nice change of pace from other weightlifting routines. I’m glad Ducane took that leap!

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