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Hyper Irradiation and Successive Induction- two keys to workout success

This week, I am going to introduce to you two concepts which will definitely bring benefits to your workouts right now. Without much further bla bla, lets get to the pith.

Hyper irradiation- “cheering not cheating”

This concept means that when you are exercising one muscle, lets take your biceps for example, you can implement more power and strength by recruiting the surrounding muscle mass into the exercise. Here is a concrete example:
Let’s say you are doing bicep curls. Start of course before moving the bar/dumbbell/kettlebell my tensing your bicep.

This is what they call ’loading’ your muscle before it starts to work, and actually increases the amount of muscle fiber in the main muscle that you will recruit. Once you start to feel the muscle starting to tighten to its hardest level, start out from that center to other related muscles- your triceps, shoulders and your forearms, taking each muscle area in turn and feeling the muscle tighten, ready for the work you are about to give it.

Go further! Spread out from your shoulder into your back, traps, lats and deltoids, gradually continuing this ‘call to arms’ through as much of your body as you can recruit. Put your whole body and mind into this! Now, keeping that tension, start moving the weight for as many reps as you require. Keep the tension throughout your muscles until your last rep.

Once you understand how to do it, you can ‘load’ your muscles rather fast and it will only take a couple of seconds before you start your set.

Rather than cheating an extra rep through (potentially) bad technique or an assist, you get the benefit of the rest of your body’s musculature to ‘cheer’ on your main effort, making you stronger and safer in the process.

Many people note an immediate increase in available muscle strength due to this technique; not only that, if you continue this throughout your whole session, you will probably have some very sore muscles the next day since you have got your whole body behind each and every exercise. And you will be sporting a very healthy pump for most of your day.

Give it a try and report back on your results.

Successive Induction- don’t waste that pump!
Taking the bicep curl as an example again, most of us once the weight has been cleared to full contraction point, let the weight drop back downto the starting point, not really thinking too much about the return journey and glad for a break from the effort of squeezing the bi to lift the weight.

There is a better way….

Why waste the return journey? By utilizing the ‘load’ technique above, start to become aware of the triceps working as you lift the weight, and ‘pull’ the weight back down to the start position on the return.

This immediately gives you the benefit of making the bicep stronger, as it is being balanced in work by the tri working in unison.
Give these two techniques a try and get the most out of your workouts today! In any exercise where you have an opposing muscle, recruit it to perform the reverse movement for you.

Oh- and one more thing… try stretching your working muscle between sets- you might see a marked increase in performance if you do!

If you are already doing this stuff, all power to you. But if you are not- give it a try!


***These tips are taken from Pavel’s brilliant book,  Power to the People.


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