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yin-yang-symbol-blue-flare-thumb3277201Form, in any type of exercise, is critical to the successful performance of that movement. It liberates us and binds us, frustrating us some days, setting us free the next.

Love it or hate it, form is the basis upon which kettlebell exercises are built.

Lifting a heavier than usual weight, I become increasingly aware that my form is going out the window with each progressive movement or action, as my body gets tired and starts to struggle to keep the weight moving.

Doing the same exercise with a lighter weight on another day, I find the weight flying recklessly or jerkily, because some fundamental part of the movement has been overlooked, and I need to go back and polish off the corners, bringing back a smooth and flowing movement that expresses the unification of my body, mind and spirit, like a form of physical meditation.

Kb’s =yoga with weights?? There are definite parallels as I have studied both.

For me, mindfulness of action as I exercise my body, breathing in and out, is key.


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