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life is..good

A week of flu, and I am back in business with my new 24kg bell, a 48 km bike ride every day, and the chance now to work out at a gym a couple of days a week at lunch.

As Borat would say- Nice!

Continuing on from last times conversation, with all this excellent advice and instruction from others coming into my life at the moment, I have decided to turn my self into a lab rat and practice what I preach to the utmost level. That means, support my regular practice with plenty of rest, the right nutrition, supplements to help my body repair and sustain itself from the increased workload I am asking it to do, and balancing all of this with the 9-5, and not letting that get out of control.

Admittedly, I am a “rescue” in the sense that my life for two years was way out of control with work related stress and not enough personal discipline or flexibility at work to be able to pull it back into balance. However, thankfully that all is changed and now I have a chance to make serious inroads into my own personal fitness and health, which is my number one priority.

Every day is a new opportunity for self discovery, and the path that stretches before me will be long and hard, but I am up for the challenge!


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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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