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Training in the fasted state

04-11-09_feature23 hours into my fast, and the thoughts of a delicious meal are foremost in my mind as I get home from work and find my fiance already cooking. Still, with my nervous energy level vibrating, I head out into the  dirt and gravel car park for a kettlebell session.

I had promised myself that I was going to workout to end my 24 hour fast, and to see for the first time what that would feel like.

I haven’t done this before, but according to the book I read (eat stop eat) training in this condition is a completely different experience, and not necessarily a bad one.

I prepped myself during the day by drinking copious amounts of water and had a good stretch during my lunchtime walk.

I felt a bit shaky to be honest, my mind was telling me that I had no energy, that I was weak etc, but I just switched it off,  grabbed my new 16 kg pro bell and hit the dirt.

Immediately I felt more aware of my muscles; they felt tighter than normal, so I made sure I was well warmed up before I started doing any heavy lifting. I observed no obvious loss of strength- I had to concentrate more on initial balance and push with some of my moves, but in general I also felt more aware of what was going on in my exercise and in my body.

I broke out into a sweat almost immediately, but I felt surprisingly light and fresh. Keeping things simple, I did a bunch of exercises that I could flow together without putting the bell down; swings with both arms, cleans, some cleans and press, and at the end, a few windmills and some snatches to end my session.

This is definitely an area I want to experiment with more. Pity I cant stash a bell in my desk at work for a Friday lunch time session…




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One response to “Training in the fasted state

  1. Tim ⋅

    Great! I was a monthly faster (is that a word?) in the States,my wife and I would fresh juice fast or do the Master Cleanse for 3-4 days starting off with just cleansing juices like unsweetened plum juice and then graduating to various other juices.

    I found that I had a high level of focus,apparently because my body was not busy processing food and all my resources were available.

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