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Embrace Struggle

You know the feeling. Working late at the office, under pressure with issues mounting at work, money at home being in short supply in the current economic situation, and most people finding it harder to make ends meet.

Sound familiar? Sounds like 2009 to me.

Mental stress/pressure is almost an unfathomable assailant and the greatest destroyer and adversary of personal motivation that you will ever meet- you cant measure it in terms of weight, yet it saps away at your strength and drive like some ever present corrosive, eating away at your will power and the desire to pursue your goals.

Lets be honest with ourselves and admit that the news these days is pretty damn bleak in general, but this doesnt mean you have to reflect it and let it debilitate your daily life. This is where some form of mental discipline and personal methodology for handling stress is crucial to your continuing pursuit of personal goals.

My advice for you in this situation is to be as current with yourself and the world around you as possible, and maintain a flexible focus. That means acknowledging the stresses that are present in your life, and maintaining some kind of healthy dialogue with those around you that are sharing this struggle so as to maintain the quality of your relationships.

That means work associates, your wife at home, kids, friends and relations, your pets: they all look to you and expect from you a certain level of respect or love, and if suddenly that previously ever ready supply suddenly runs dry, it can have enormous ramifications on your deal life and happiness.

I am not asking you or suggesting to you that you should go off and join some cult, but I am definitely suggestiong that you look into meditation in one form or other as a method of staying current with yourself. It can happen unconsciously, so gradually that you dont even notice until someone or something that you took for granted suddenly changes or is gone.

So, we need an ongoing strategy to spot the signs of stress chiseling away at our quality of life and enable us to do something about it. Believe me when I say I share this struggle too. What I share with you now I hope you can see as just pure common sense.

If this means taking a day off from working out or exercising, or re-balancing your schedule to lighten up your load, then do so, but remain present with the choice that you have made by writing it down in your training diary, and review your personal progress regularly so that you can see and monitor which way your training and self discipline are heading, and do something about it if need be.

The issue here is getting back on track after this acknowledged break and continuing on pursuing your goal. Thats why keeping track is essential, crucial! Dont blame your life on ” I just didnt realise”: make the effort to stay in this moment, and embrace the struggle that surrounds us like a true warrior.

The reason why things so easily get out of control and out of focus is because we tend to switch off to certain stimuli in stressful circumstances. Right now, those stressful circumstances are every present, daily realities which we have no other option but to face. Yet the world is indeed not all doom and gloom, and we need to be clear with ourselves and the influences we take on board in our daily life.

Sometimes this means switching the tv or news feed off, and forcefully choosing to think positively about the world around us in a concrete way. Filter things so that you can decide your own balance, rather than the world around you enforcing it upon you.

Acknowledge the choices that you can make as an individual, and make them. Once made, stick with them as best you can.

You empower you. Don’t rely on anything else to have the time or care to come bail you out when the going gets tough.

The rest is just “the game” that we know as life.

As they said in the old days- count your blessings and live them, and dont relegate them to a life of regret and pining for some mythical past that never existed in fact.

This is it. This is what you have to work with.

Live it.


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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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