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tap water photo robert mclassusOne thing that has really made itself apparent to me over the last few months is our need for the proper amount of water each day to function in our normal daily lives.Even more so, when many of us pursue serious training goals and balance this around our 9-5’er, our need for water becomes even more crucial.

I generally have not drank enough water my whole life- a real coffee and tea addiction has meant that I was probably dispelling fluids faster than I was intaking them, and never enough at a time. For some reason it was never really apparent to me just how precious it is as a source of energy and sustenance for us as human beings.

I just did an online calculation of how much water I need to be consuming each day, and it came up with at least 2.8 liters.

Now, I live in Tokyo, where the weather is starting to heat up towards the Summer swelter, and I have basically broken my daily intake at work down in this way; basically every 30- 45 minutes I will drink a glass of water, depending on what my body is telling me.

Your environment will affect your amount needed quite  alot- where you work, where you live, what you do. Talk to an expert if need be, but find out soon what your daily intake should be, and stop limiting your performance as a human being.

Extra stresses on your body such as regular alcohol, dietary supplements etc, well, you guessed it, you will need more water to keep cleansing your body.

So, make sure that water is more that just something you wash yourself with- drink it!



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