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Dialing Back

The last two week period has been one of adjustment as my body deals with the new and layered stresses of my 9-5 plus the increasing workout regimen.
I went through a sudden loss of strength after starting boxing conditioning/training, and working with the heaviest kettlebells showed up apparent weaknesses in my forearms and wrists that I had not noticed before.

In general, with the bike rides, kettlebells, gym and jump rope work, I was pushing myself pretty hard and I needed to take ownership of that. Luckily, I am surrounded with an excellent selection of friends. Having made gradual gains with my kettlebells, I was hesitant to relinquish any daily activities that had previously been easy to handle. And yes, I am talking pure ego here.

My mind needed to go through a shift and adjust with what my body was so clearly telling me. Probbably, it is at this very point in the past that I have stepped away from my goals and given in.

My cardio vascular system was struggling to keep up with the extra loads I was placing on it, and needed a chance to catch up.

After listening to this collective excellent advice, I dialled back on some of my activity.

Instead of riding to work, I caught the train for two weeks, and slotted my kb’s in every other day instead of daily, looking at higher rep work with lighter weights and saving the heavy work for the end of each workout. The gym stayed at twice a week, but I concentrated on strict form and working within the 70-80% range of strength.

In order to get my cardio strength up, jump rope was taken to ten minute stints daily, more if time permits. The rope really forces you to relax into a challenging exercise in order to keep going and get a natural rhythm going.There is definitely an addictive element to it, once your legs are used to that gentle bounce and compression of energy that you need in order to sustain longer amounts of time. I polish off each session with a minute of ten second sprints with a 5 second break between each.

Getting lots to eat, getting lots of sleep, and making sure that i am listening to myself all the time and what my body is telling me.

Rode to work today for the first time again, and kept my speed down to a steady 27 km/h (17mph). I love riding the fixed gear bike so much that I often push myself too hard in the process. By paying a bit more attention to what I am doing, I can control my energy in a much more sustainable stream, and not burn myself to brightly for the workout later in the day.

Thankfully, I get some great advice, but more importantly, I am learning to listen more, both inside and out.




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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

One response to “Dialing Back

  1. Rannoch

    Congruent training. That is what it’s all about. If we are on a journey, the map is as iportant as the beacon. We need to consitently make subtle changes in our bearing. Just a couple of degrees wrong and you can wind up waaaaay off course.

    So we have to continually ask questions. And we have to listen to how our bodies respond.

    Good advice often falls on deaf ears. But your body will not put you wrong. Ever.

    Your efforts and progress and great Mark. You’re listening and making changes accordingly. For those of us challenged by time (in every sense) the object is to maximise the benefits we recieve from our effort.


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