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Sincere Hogan- Kettlebell and Jump Rope Circuit

taken from New Warrior Trainingabs_jump_rope_poster_print-p228941764640213943trma_400

By Sincere

1. 1 Hand Kettlebell Swing (l/r) x 2 min./side
2. Jump Rope x 400
3. Kettlebell Front Squat x 1 min

Perform this circuit of exercises for 4 rounds with 30 sec. rest between exercises and 1 min. rest between sets. This workout will surely amp up your kettlebell training, fat burning routine, as well as help your get stronger, leaner, and build your cardio endurance.

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3 responses to “Sincere Hogan- Kettlebell and Jump Rope Circuit

  1. Dave ⋅

    I jump rope 1 min. Kb swings 5L/5R. Jump rope 1 min. KB snatch 5/5. KB Squats 5/5 etc, with many KB exersizes. Moderate workout but if done for 50 plus minutes, builds great endurance strength. Also do varoius other more strenous rouotines with KB’s and dumb bells.

  2. I am a Jumprope cach and I advocate Kettlebell Training. When you put these two Fitness Tools together you take your training to the Next Level.

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