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Nutrition: supporting your health

This is quite a complex question depending on your own age and personal goals.

Most of us around the world live a fast and overly busy lifestyle, with work demands and other obligations that cut into our time.
Cooking great meals every day does take a bit of effort, and many of us skip this regular ritual in favour of a quick fix that only requires us to wolf the contents down.

Doing this for any length of time though, and that “convenient food” ( hello: its basically fast food) as it is known here in Japan conveniently makes you fat and in a fairly high cholesterol bracket. Not good.

For me at 44, my personal nutrition system has more to do with supporting and sustaining the strength that I have than seeking massive gains which can easily be lost with some lapse of  dietary or supplement ritual on my part.

Lets face it- supporting your exercise with good nutrition and supplements is essential, but also expensive.
What’s the bottom line on bare essentials?

For a guy of my age, its this:

  • whey protein powder, taken with fruit at least twice a day
  • L-Glutamine
  • BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids)
  • multi vitamin
  • multi mineral
  • fish oil

I do know though, that if I am in a bind and have no supplements available with me, I can exchange some of these with whole foods, fruits and meats, which I recommend that you do anyway to give your body a break/change.

Regardless of your age and sex, I can say quite confidently that your average diet today is not enough. Get as much organic food as you can into your system, and keep your supplement regime as regular as possible. Oh and drink lots of water so that your kidneys get a good flush every day.

So what do you do? Write in and let us know.




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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

5 responses to “Nutrition: supporting your health

  1. Ruthie

    Hi. I get a protein shake after my workout but mainly stick with whole foods. Supplements do not satisfy me and can add calories quickly. I am a 47 year old woman and if I look at too much food I gain weight and it is not muscle. I eat 30% Fat, 30%Protein and 40% Carbs and maintain my weight pretty well.

    I want to live a balanced healthy life. Working to find out exactly what that means.

    I enjoy your site and will come back again! Come see me.

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  3. Making sure you get your daily intake of omega 3’s and omega 6’s is pretty crucial in the balance of a healthy body. This can be achieved easily by taking a fish oil supplement once or twice a day. Thanks for the article.

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  5. So we set out to put Anthony DiLuglio’ based kettlebell classes at his groundbreaking Punch Kettlebell Gym onto film. Nutritional Supplement

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