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What is Gaijin Kettlebell?

“Gaijin” (外人 in Kanji) is the term that the Japanese use to describe a foreigner, or “outsider”, coming from the old days over a hundred fifty years ago when Commander Perry unceremoniously knocked on Japan’s door, forcing it to open to the West.

Currently in Japan, there are many foreign workers living and working here long term, and it is to these ex-pats who live in this incredibly fast paced society that this blog is mainly aimed at. My own experience of working in Japan five years is that it takes an awful amount of discipline to stay fit and healthy of mind and body, so any information that I have learned along the way on my own personal journey is shared in this public space, in turn to learn also from you.

Surprisingly, many of the people who come to the site are actually not in Japan, but from countries all around the world. This makes me realize that we are all part of a larger picture, of a truly international kettlebell community which spans the globe.

Kettlebells are the main point of focus here at GK, but there are many more things to discuss and learn about too; mobility, movement, health and well being, keeping sane and focused in today’s fast paced society, no matter where you are, and balancing this all together into one sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Pretty soon, you will have a chance to join the Gaijin Kettlebell Club Japan, which will be open to all persons, no matter where you are! T shirts, a regular meet, and a chance to network with friends all over Japan and the world.

This is an interactive site- your opinions, ideas, and suggestions are all key. I am to grow the site holistically, with feedback and encouragement from you.

Got a suggestion, opinion, or something you want to say? Feel free to email me at mark.jersey[at] I look forward to hearing from you.

So please, do drop by regularly, have a read and join in on the discussions, or share your own journey with us.

Best regards,

Gaijin Kettlebell Japan


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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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