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The power of communication

No, this is not another kettlebell article. This is a small note about communication, something that all of us do every day and many of us take for granted. Each word we utter, each effort we make, casts ripples in this pond that we share called life. No action that we do is unimportant, for things that we may take for granted or don’t even see, can be a world of opportunity, both gained and lost, for someone else.

Communication has brought you here, looking either for answers or questions to ask yourself. How great we are that we can spend this life on a quest for knowledge! That quest brought me back a year ago to my own health and well being, and has introduced me to some of the preeminent personalities in the sporting world today. I feel very blessed and honored.

My advice to you all is- never stop asking questions, never take what someone else tells you for granted. Doing so can open you up to extending further ignorance and innaccuracy.

Life is experiential in the first person- that means you. You are your own test tube- what works for you, is for you.Try new things and see for yourself the veracity of their claims. When things dont work, just keep on searching till you find the answers that you are looking for. Success will come eventually.

The power of communication brings answers and solutions. It brings us friends and an ever extending horizon of opportunities, knowledge and wisdom. What an auspicious life we have.

As I sit here waiting for the arrival of Steve Cotter, on his first visit to Japan, I am reminded just how hard many of our teachers work to disseminate knowledge to the ever thirsty masses. When we say goodbye to a visit, they often keep going on an endless cycle.

Our teachers, be they school or professional coaches, are a precious resource. Treasure your time with them. To all of you, teachers, on the road for most part of the year, my hat is off to you.



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