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The OKC Tokyo Kettlebell Workshop 2009

Posting this for my friends Johm Wild Buckley and Nazo-

Introduction to Kettlebell Lifting for fitness and Sport



Level‐1, 7/19 Sun 10:30a open 11:00a start ~ 4:00p end*

Level‐2, 7/20 Mon 10:30a open 11:00a start ~ 4:00p end*

*Optional, 4:30p~ Gathering (both days)

“Paraestra Koiwa”

2 Cho-me 17-1. Lions Mansion #101 (Ground Floor)

NishiKoiwa. Edogawa-ku. Tokyo
*JR Sobu Line Koiwa Station, 7min walk to the gym

Tel (03)- 5668-0047

Registration Fee

Early Bird Special !!
Till 7/11, 20.000yen/day, 30.000yen/both days

After 7/12, 25.000yen/day, 40.000yen/both days

*If you can not attend both days, please attend a first day

because the second day is advanced.

For the registration, please contact to Nazo

Please bring

Bottle of water
Light lunch/snack (basically no lunch time)


Wrist wrap or Wrist band (Long)

Extra clothes (you will be covered up with chalk all over !)

The OKC is coming back to Japan!

On day one :

Kettlebell specific warm‐up and joint mobility



Grip positioning.


Glute loading.

One arm swing,

rack positioning

Kettlebell Clean
Kettlebell Press, Push Press.
Kettlebell Jerk
Kettlebell Snatch
Kettlebell specific cool‐down and relaxation stretches.
There will be a lot of sets on day one. Very high volume. Each movement will be followed by a hand inspection to diagnose and correct grip issues. There will be progressive exercises for each lift. We will finish on time but there will be only a few short (5min) breaks. It is a very intense class.

Day 2:
Kettlebell specific warm‐up and joint mobility
Double swing,
Double clean,
Double rack position,
Overhead squatting mobility (sticks or stretch bands, no weight)
Double jerk,
Long Cycle (one bell)
Cool‐down and stretch
There will be specific breathing sequence taught for all of these lifts. There will be assistance exercises taught to aid progression. There will be many timed sets. There will be hand inspection. Day two will be brutal. The pace will be slower than day one because if it is not we will all die :‐)
OKC Certificates will be handed out upon completion for both days.

About Orange Kettlebell Club
The OKC is an International Kettlebell Club with hundreds of members in over a dozen countries. Our main focus is promoting the safe integration of the Kettlebell into the lives of everyone through workshops, seminars, small group classes, one on one instruction and media such as articles, books, and videos.
At the OKC we believe that education is the best way to bring this powerful tool to the masses. All of our instructors have been certified by several of the leading Kettlebell schools and have experience teaching locally as well as internationally.
The OKC is committed to the growth, strengthening, and continuing education of the Kettlebell community. Many very good Kettlebell instructors have experience with a specific style of Kettlebell lifting. At the OKC we believe in seeking out the best teachers and Kettlebell Masters in the world so that we can provide a well-rounded education and a true Kettlebell experience for our students and friends.

Our instructors have taught Kettlebell in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America. Our Advisors are some of the most respected Kettlebell Athletes and instructors in the world. We look forward to passing on all that we have learned, and continue to learn, to all of you.
OKC Web Site

Your instructors will be:

John Wild Buckley: Head instructor OKC


John Wild is a World Kettlebell Club Master instructor (WKC) and one of only two assistant instructors licensed to certify Kettlebell trainers with the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF). In addition he is a certified Kettlebell coach/instructor with the American Kettlebell Club (AKC) and the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC). He has competed on the professional level in Kettlebell Sport taking first place in his weight class at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic on 2009.

Nazo: Assistant Instructor/Japanese Translator OKC


Nazo is a certified WKC Fitness trainer and an AKC Club Coach. She has earned the rank of CKT‐FMD with the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation and has assisted these workshops at home and abroad. She has trained under the United States first International Master of Sport and 2‐time world champion Lorna Kleidman. In 2009 Nazo competed in

her first Kettlebell competition winning first place in her weight class at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

Taikei Matsushita: Guest Instructor/Host

Taikei received his RKC in 2007, his RKC2 in 2008, and his RKC CK‐FMS in 2009. He is the top Kettlebell instructor in Japan and is respected world wide as a leader in the field of Kettlebell education. Taikei first hosted the OKC in 2008 and has been gracious enough to invite us back in 2009. Taikei is a visionary and uses courage and wisdom in the choices he makes. The OKC would like to express our great respect and gratitude to Taikei for making this all possible.

Endorsements John:

Catherine Imes:

I first met John at the AKC Cert in Jan 2008. He was in my squad and I was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm for learning.. John, Nazo, and the OKC consistently demonstrate passion in their own KB learning and their teaching. It is refreshing to see individuals who have such a thirst for learning and spreading the information they’ve learned. I would encourage anyone to work with John if they get a chance. Although he is extremely humble, he is a very capable and conscientious instructor.

Mike Mahler:

I have been a Kettlebell instructor since 2002 and in that time I have had the chance to work with numerous Kettlebell instructors. Some are really good and others unfortunately are not so great. The one’s that are great share many common qualities. One, they are very enthusiastic about Kettlebell training. They have experienced the tremendous benefits personally and cannot wait to share their enthusiasm. Two, they are always looking to get better. Not just as trainers but as trainees. Good trainers actually spend a lot of time training. This may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many so‐called experts barely workout. Three, they have developed an arsenal of effective teaching methods to break down even the most complex exercises for any skill level. Great teachers are most concerned with empowering their students rather than impressing them. Four, they are not desperate for anyone’s business. They now that Kettlebell training is only a fit for people that are serious about taking charge of their health and vitality. While great trainers have an innate desire to help everyone, people can only change when they are ready.

I have worked with OKC team on many occasions and each time I walk away impressed. They embody all of the qualities that I look for in a top shelf trainer. I don’t give my personal endorsement lightly or often. However, when it comes to the OKC team I give my full endorsement enthusiastically and without reservation.

Steve Cotter: President and Director, IKFF
What can I say about John Wild Buckley. Everywhere he goes people love him and there is good reason for that. At first we notice that he is a giant person and of course that can be intimidating. However, shortly thereafter we see how caring and kind he is, so he makes everyone feel very comfortable. I have seen him evolve as a professional to where he is now, one the greats, strong of mind, body and spirit. The organization I have founded, the IKFF has become known the world over for our high-quality, no-nonsense kettlebell and fitness programs, and John is one of only a select handful of people I have asked to be a member of my International Instructor team. John has traveled throughout the world with me lending his expertise and interest in furthering the developing of human potential. He has my full support, friendship and highest recommendation as a coach, teacher, athlete and as a man. He is the go-to person for kettlebell training in the SF and Oakland Bay region. Investing in John is investing in your own well-being.”

Taikei Matsushita RKC II:
I got together with John during RKC II and his Kettlebell presentation followed by that. As not known by many, he’s the first American to make Kettlebell presentation to modern day Japan. I believe he will grow and cover lots of grounds in upcoming future.

Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC TL:
I had the pleasure of working with John Wild Buckley at the September 2007 RKC. At the time, John was exhibiting some problems with his form, but he was quick to assimilate the crucial correction that I gave him. His eagerness to seek relevant knowledge and his humbleness in receiving instruction parlayed into making him a stronger, better instructor. During the instruction portion of the RKC instructor certification workshop, I saw John making essential and powerful corrections on his students. If you live in the Oakland area or are visiting, seek him out & train with him!

Jordan Vezina:
I consider myself to be something of a Kettlebell nerd, which makes John the Stephen Hawking of kettlebells. I’m not sure that made any sense. John pursues the study of Kettlebell training with a passion and an openness that is rare to see in an industry where oftentimes everyone seems to be in competition, and not in a good way. Many trainers believe there to be some sort of a ‘finish line’ in skill development, at which point they don’t have to bother trying to learn anything more. This is an attitude that John does not share. John will try everything, keep what works, and jettison the rest. However, I must admit that I thought he was going to be bigger. 😉
JWB is a big man with a very open mind, covering the worldwide. His teaching is friendly and efficient. He has a great smile. He is appealing the common people. Men and women, young people and old, much‐loved. That is because he fell in love with the KETTLEBELL.

Endorsements Nazo:
Mike Mahler
I have been a contributor to Ironman Japan on the topic of kettlebell training since 2003. I have been doing my best to help make Japan aware of the incredible benefits of kettlebell training. While I am sure my articles and DVD’s have helped grow the kettlebell market in Japan nothing takes the place of in person kettlebell instruction, However, not just in person instruction with anyone. The Japanese market needs someone that is not only an incredible kettlebell instructor, but someone that understands Japanese culture. This understanding is critical in order to fully convey the numerous benefits of kettlebell training to the Japanese audience. I am thrilled to see my good friend Nazo take on the challenge of taking kettlebells to the next level in Japan. She embodies all of the qualities that I look for in a high level kettlebell instructor.
One, she is very enthusiastic about kettlebell training. She has experienced the tremendous benefits personally and cannot wait to share her enthusiasm. Two, Nazo is always looking to get better. Not just as a trainer but as a trainee. In other words, she sets the example for her students to follow. Three, she has developed an arsenal of effective teaching methods to break down even the most complex exercises for any skill level.
You are in good hands with Nazo and consider yourself fortunate if you get the privileage to train with her.
Steve Cotter: President and Director, IKFF
Do not be fooled by the small body of Nazo ! She is obviously extremely fit and a small woman, however it will blow your mind how strong and powerful she is. No question she is one of Japan’s BEST kettlebell lifters. She walks the talk, can teach and can do. Not only does she impress with her physical skills, she also is a caring and loving person who gives her time to everyone who comes to her for help. I am very proud to count Nazo as one of the STRONG leaders of our IKFF International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation!

Lorna Kleidman: United States first International Master of Sport and 2‐time world


“Nazo is one of the most passionate kettlebell athletes I have worked with. Any opportunity to participate in her workshops will be well worth your while.”

Jason Dolby : IKFF(Assistant Instructor)(CKD-FMD),AKC,RKC,Z-Health
NASM(CPT), MBG(CNT), ART (Lower Extremity)

Nazo is one of the kindest people I have ever been around in the fitness industry.  She is an intelligent and patient instructor who exudes positivity!  Nazo is not only a wonderful kettlebell teacher, she is also a talented and competitive lifter as well.  Even though Nazo possesses much skill and experience in the world of strength training, she is constantly working hard to better herself as a coach and as an athlete.  Whether your goal is to learn new technique or just to become acquainted, you will find Nazo to be a breath of fresh air in the kettlebell community.


Heidi Toy: AKC, WKC
Initially when I got into the sport of kettlebells, like many, my focus was on the physical side of the sport and what it could do for me as an athlete. What I learned from observing, training, and speaking with Nazo for the past year is that Kettlebell lifting is much more. Although it is very important to work on the physical side of the sport, Nazo maintained that the mental side of the sport is equally critical; unfortunately, most kettlebells lifters work on this issue much less than the physical. The “mental” piece being two distinct categories: tactics and desire. Nazo is able to train her and you for both; however, it is her “mental” desire to compete to win that sets her above your everyday athlete.

Yes, she is a great lifter who is always seeking to learn more and to grow in her technical ability; however, it is her desire to compete to win makes her a leader in Girevoy Sport. She is a true competitor, she focuses on what it takes to win and nothing will stop her from doing so. Of course she accepts that she may not win all the time, but her positive focus allows her to be ahead of most lifters most of the time, fighting for the highest result she can achieve.
She accepts that she can learn from other “winners” to get a feeling of where they are coming from and what makes them tick! She travels the world looking for opportunities to hang out in truly competitive circles. Another thing you will notice about Nazo , she is not just focused on competition day. How she trains, and how she approaches and respects the sport is focused on success. Nazo knows that it’s not one thing that makes a difference; it’s a lot of the little things!Nazo is a true Girevik ! With a desire to compete to win that sets her above your everyday athlete.
John Wild demonstrates “two hands Anyhow” with Nazo and 32kg bell.


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