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They’re here! Pro-Series Kettlebells now available.

Finally, the waiting, the shipping, dealing with customs and then finally having them delivered to my door…….

I have four different sizes to choose from, and if the response from the last few days is anything to go by, they will disappear rather quickly!

After getting home from work today, I grabbed a couple of 20kg bells and took them out for a test drive. The balance that you experience using the pro-type kettlebells is awesome and inspires confidence when lifting, encouraging you to really concentrate on good form.

Pro-series kettlebells are the ‘bells of choice for the Girevoy sport and well known kettlebell celebrities like Steve Cotter, John Wild Buckley, Ken Blackburn etc

Since this is my initial order, I have four sizes available:

8kgs , 12kgs , 16kgs and 20kgs.

Q. What are the advantages of pro-series bells?

A. In a nutshell, due to the casing being one regular size, the progression from weight to weight is much easier, causing the body to not have to “re-learn” each time when moving up in weight and encountering a different size bell.

Also, the design of the handle is specifically factored to allow the user to do high repetitions, with the least amount of stress on the body, wrists, forearms etc. This is a key element if doing longer sets or more competition type activities.

If you are interested in learning more about the pro-series bells, or would like to purchase one, contact me at: or




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