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Relax, just do it.

Had a great group session early Sunday morning and the weather provided us with a nice warm morning to practice in the park. There is something about training with others that is very inspiring, and I am sure that all that came felt reinvigorated by it.

Noticed something while we were training- the mask of concentration that was apparent on everyone’s faces as they went through the various exercises. While it was great to see the level of commitment in all the participants, it did remind me that what we do when training with the kettlebell is not a battle between us and a piece of iron.

Why do we use a kettlebell? Because we enjoy it- for some, it may be even love! It is our own time for play, and the extra benefit is that its good for our health too.

The aim in moving the bell almost seems like we are tricking the forces of gravity – to the extent that when we see a bell in the hands of a master it just glides through space, apparently with little effort. Until we try to pick it up ourselves…

Turkish get up anyone? 😉

Case in point- the level of relaxation you see expressed on the faces of the truly greats out there as this piece of metal moves through space in their hands. It is almost as if they are dancing with the bell, as the energy moves up from the ground and extends out through the body to the bell in this rhythmic, wave like motion.

Breathing, focused on each rep, one at a time.

Beginning, middle and end.

Gotta learn to relax and enjoy it. Yes, the weight might be heavy, and yes we may be compensating by gripping tightly or holding one part of our body too tightly. But if we trust in the technique- awareness of and good body form, relaxed yet strong, grounded posture and presence, regular breathing and mindfulness of our body movement, then it really starts to become dance-like, expressing the beauty of the power we are honored to have in this physical form we call human.

Man, woman, powerful and totally within themselves, breathing and living, relating to the world around them in this very moment.

What more could you want.

So, as Frankie once said- relax, and just do it.




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