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Night training

IMAGE_100 With the shorter days in this part of the world, night training is a reality at least six months a year for me. I like training at night because it helps focus me on the task at hand, and forget about the other sites and sounds that may be around me in this city that never sleeps.

I just started back into my long cycle kettlebell training, since I make my best progress with the cooler weather. This is where the metal meets the meat so to speak, because if my form is not good, my hands will take a punishing for sure.

For the uninitiated, this particular “long cycle” exercise is the kb clean and jerk at each repetition, pacing yourself against a clock for a ten minute period. If you are looking for an exercise that you can do that combines both pushing and pulling movements in one exercise, and one that will develop your whole body, both in terms of muscularity and also develop your heart and lungs, then this is it. 

The keys to this particular lift is firstly having a solid technique,  being steady with your breathing, and the mind discipline to pace yourself as you go through  the exercise.

Started back at it the other day, and since it has been a while, I am pretty rusty. What I am doing to prepare me for the longer sets is to concentrate on my form and breathing first, and cut the length of time into smaller amounts, with only a little rest in between each set so as to maximize my volume over the time spent.

Its fun 🙂 I walk away feeling tired, but alive. What more could you want?


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