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Sunday morning well spent! kb’s in the park report

It was hot and humid all morning, in contrast to the weather predicted earlier in the week, and the monsoonal rain managed to hold off until later in the day when we were all home and relaxing. Water was definitely a necessity as we were already sweating fairly steadily even after just the warm up.

Hangovers were dispensed with in rapid fashion, and we spent a good hour breaking down the swing and apporaching it as a science. Body alignment, posture, shifting of center of mass, breathing, unnecessary muscle tension was found and dispensed with. The smallest details make the big differences as the set times prolong, and we worked on several remedies as the morning progressed to improve form, rhythm and overall performance.

My good buddy Paul had just got back from spending a few days training with Dennis Kanygin in San Francisco, and was full of news, tips and developments in the kb sport. A great exchange of info!

Breaking things down in to component parts helps a lot. People compared their own experiences and offered each other tips and help as issues appeared and were solved. It was damn fun, but I can tell you I can feel it in my hamstrngs today! We managed to get through a few more exercises before time ran out and the morning was done. Smiling faces and a feeling of clear energy was felt by all.

The hamburger group lunch was well deserved afterwards!

Anyone interested in doing a simple introduction to the way of the kettlebell, either in a group meet or a private session,drop me a line.



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