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Kaizen Kettlebells: Rannoch in Scotland

Here’s an article from my buddy Rannoch Donald in Scotland. For more about Rannoch and what he does, check out his site here:

Kaizen –   a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life.

Where to start? At the beginning…

Six years ago I broke my leg. A corkscrew fracture of the fibula. Nothing dramatic or longterm. But is was my reality check.  Despite a lifetime of activity I was overweight, unfit and on the slippery slope. Like alot of people, I still thought of myself as lean and lithe. In reality I was lame and lost. And I didn’t know where to start. I worked my way back using familiar bodyweight drills from Muscle Media that in turn led me to Pavel Tsatsouline and the kettlebell. Over the next 18 months I worked away and set the Russian Kettlebell Challenge in Denmark as my personal challenge to get back on track.

Fast Forward

RKC Denmark put me back in touch with training for the joy of it and soon I was holding my own modest workshops in Scotland. I spread the word in my own way and over time met and worked with a whole range of people.

One day, out of the blue, I had Steve Cotter on the end of the phone inviting me to come to Harrogate to train and do the new IKFF CKT Certification. For the last few years there had been three key sources for information for me, Pavel Tsatsouline, Mike Mahler and Steve Cotter. How could I not go?! Cotter was the one who moved like a cat and had speed and strength to match. The CKT in Harrogate was a revelation. Physically it was the most demanding thing I had done. More importantly, Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn delivered a certification that was so much more than kettlebells. I realised that I was nowhere near my potential. I realised I had some serious work to do.

Six months later the IKFF descended on Edinburgh to deliver a CKT Level 1 Certification to over 30 people. Since Harrogate I have attended four CKT 1 an three CKt 2 certifications.  So what is my observation?

No Fluff, No Filler

I am not talking about a little tweak here and I little change there. I am talking about a process of continuous development and improvement that has led to the most comprehensive certification I have attended. And what is more, there are developments in the pipeline that will ensure the course continues to improve. No mean feat considering the sheer depth of information it currently imparts.

Now, “You are biased” I hear you shout. And hey, you have a point. But the bias is based on hands on experience. And Hell, you’d be biased too if year on year your learned more, were in better shape than ever and had the energy I do. I make no apologies. We have the goods. This shit works.

This year’s CKT was high level from the get go. The curriculum was thorough and concise. The drills, lifts and progressions were delivered with precision. The weekend slowly ramped up allowing participants the chance to acclimatise and refine their new found skills. The entire group improved in leaps and bounds over the 2 days. It was heartening to see the level of skill, teaching and support displayed by everyone.

What is really interesting is the knowledge and skills the existing CKTs are able to acquire.  For returning participants an annual CKT offers  the opportunity to learn, improve and share with their fellow trainers.

So for anyone who is not sure where to put there time, energy and dare I say money, check out the next available CKT. If you are looking for continuous improvement you will find it HERE.

If in doubt ask the talent…

“A weekend of technical brilliance shown and coached by Steve Cotter. A studio full of hungry, motivated, fit and energized wannabe CKT’s all willing to drive themselves forward to achieve their certification.  The atmosphere was electric, an outstanding show of strength and determination by all”Davie McConnachie CKT FMD  – DMC Fitness Crew

“Thank you all for your expertise and warm welcome last weekend. It was definitely worth the investment in time and money and I am convinced it is a life changing and life enhancing qualification.The quality and delivery of the coaching was exceptional” – Steve Connaghan

“Truly inspired by the course teachings multi dimensional plains the prolonged specific warm-up set the scene  for the  instruction by Steve. His confident manner,  simplistic yet scientific approach laid the foundations for the weekend” Diana Leighton

“A fantastic learning experience, both physically and mentally. I have worked in sport for 20 years and the professional structured syllabus over the weekend ensured maximal experiential learning for all involved”David Jenkins

“My impression of the CKT this weekend is quite simply the hardest and best thing I have ever done in my life :) I achieved more than I thought possible and learned so much about myself. I would do it again in a heartbeat” – Kirsten Tulloch


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