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The barefoot running experience takes off

Article posted today with some excellent advice for those that are thinking to step into the barefoot revolution.

It does require a little planning and forethought on your part, but as a regular user of Vibrams myself, I absolutely love the feeling when I am training. It definitely helps me with my balance and sense of connectedness to the earth, and pretty soon after putting them on, I forget I am wearing them.

The new models just keep getting better and better too.
So if you think you want to try, do a little research on your options, and give them a try!
You wont regret it.

I am interested to hear what other people think as well- feel free to drop in your own experiences with the barefoot experience!



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2 responses to “The barefoot running experience takes off

  1. I do all of my running/jogging barefoot. Switching to barefoot running shifts stroke from heel to mid-foot. As a result shock absorption is significantly better.

    Note of warning: if you have postural and mis-alignment issues, you may want to start with walking barefoot first. Walking consistently for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day will improve many issues that may pile up due to too much sitting and inactivity. As your alignment and bodymechanics improve, then you can start jogging barefoot and then switch to running.

  2. Tim

    I think it is a positive trend if you ease into it. You can’t go from wearing cross-trainers to wearing thin pieces of cloth/rubber overnight. And, as Nick Tumminello wisely pointed out recently, while our ancestors were barefoot all the time, they weren’t barefoot on CONCRETE for loads of mileage. And, they weren’t as overweight as today’s society is, with such low relative strength. As always, people get hurt because they are stupid and not because a specific training modality is bad.

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