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Does music get you amped when you train?

Music’s effect on your workout- fact or fiction?

NYT has done it again with another interesting article relating to the effects of listening to music while training.
Not just any music and any tempo, but certain ranges which seem to induce better athletic performance.

Well, it does work for me. I regularly jump rope for sessions lasting longer than 20 mins, and the music I use helps keep me focused and psyched, making the time spent go by faster and encouraging me to work a little longer.Music for me induces a trance like state where I can focus on breathing and relaxing my body to allow peak efficiency, regardless what I am doing. As a responsible athlete, this means I need to be conscious that this state of mind probably doesn’t suit pedaling through rush hour traffic, and I need to be paying attention to what is going on around me as well.

Read the article, and ask yourself- whats the right balance for you?



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