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What drives you?

We all need personal goals. Without them, it makes our day to day activities seem without reason or purpose.
For me at the moment, still coming back into serious training after four months off earlier this year, it boils down to one word- rebuild.

The thing about kettlebells is just that- its not just about kettlebells. The more I learn how to be a good proponent of the sport, the more I learn about taking care of the whole. Its about a much more holistic approach to taking care of my body and making sure that it can perform at optimum levels. Let me explain.

Building a stronger body is not going to help me if my postural alignment is all out of whack.
Just training with the bells doesn’t ensure that my body is ready to work. At 45, I need to consider my posture, warm-up, precise performance of technique, breathing, ramping my workload over time, and building my body back up for GS style Long Cycle kb work. That some muscles are at present weak in relation to others, and I am actually looking for all round performance, so that means creating balance.
If it seems like a challenge, it is.
And it doesnt end there. I need the right kinds of food in my body, to be sure that I am getting all the nutrients I need and in appropriate levels. That I am getting enough sleep. That I get a rest day in there when I need it. That variety lays a part of what I do as well.

Challenge? Its an exciting time.


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international businessman and consultant, life coach, world traveler and wandering mystic who loves keeping fit and is endlessly learning how to lead a healthy life.

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