This is probably the hardest part of the site for me to write. What the hell do I say here?

My journey is long and complicated, most people that read my cv shake their heads amazement at how much has already fit in to the years already spent on this earth.

I am a 44 year old businessman living and working in Japan. I also happen to be a Buddhist practitioner and fitness nut, and very much interested in help spread the world regarding holistic fitness and health. And of course, Kettlebells. 😉

Recently, I came to understand the value of long term healthy living and finding a personal strategy for surviving today’s modern lifestyle for myself.

I am not there yet, I am on the journey with you. Through personal trial and error, I have come to understand in part that it is more about an ongoing commitment to a way of life rather than a single realization or decision in time. I am also still learning.

I have met lots of incredible people and teachers in this life; I have also probably forgotten more than 90% of what they taught me, so this blog is a way for me to channel my experiences and memories into some concrete form to share here.

“Life wasn’t meant to be easy” one ex-Australian Prime Minister famously once said, and neither was keeping yourself healthy into today’s modern society. Compound this by living in some foreign country for most of my life and well, you probably already got the picture. I hope that this site offers you some physical wisdom that helps you to find and to sustain your best, through good times and bad.

I point out that just doing regular exercise is only part of the battle, and the most crucial thing that you need as your ally is your mind. The journey of self discovery always begins in the here and now.

This is an open forum, a place where you will see a range of guest writers appearing, and also through weekly discussions, people just like you writing in and sharing their opinion.

I hope to hear from you someday soon and to hear your own experiences.





11 responses to “About

  1. I’ve been thinking about kettlebells lately … I might learn some cool stuff about using them here. Thanks!

  2. Valentin

    can you put the link of Russian site about KBs on your blog??

    for a way there is forum with english sector… welcom 😉

  3. jbm ⋅


    Do you offer training classes in Tokyo? I really would like to learn the proper form to do this, but I can’t seem to find Tokyo-based classes anywhere (or the kind of price I would have to pay, etc..)

  4. MT ⋅

    I am enjoying your blog.
    Do you offer kettlebell classes in Tokyo?
    I have started learning kettlebells watching some DVDs and if possible I would like to learn the proper form through live lessons.
    Thank you,

    • markeu

      Hi there,
      and thank you for your inquiry.
      I do offer classes in Tokyo, and strongly suggest that anyone who takes up kettlebells get a hands on lesson to get you started.

      I normally do a two hour introductory class that covers all the important related elements- general warm up, flexibility and mobility, then into the basic kettlebell exercises, interspersed with more stretching and body awareness exercises. Correct posture is integral to success with kettlebells and avoiding injury. For those that havent bought kettlebells yet, its a great opportunity to try different weight bells and find the weight that suits you best.

      Feel free to send me an email and we can set you up an appointment.


  5. Casey ⋅

    Hi Mark,

    Recently I spoke to you about purchasing a 16kg kettlebell, and getting some training but hadn’t replied to your response immediately as I had an injury.

    Now I’m ready to go again and would still lave to take you up on your offer.

    Please let me know.

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