Ultimate Sandbag workout: more variations for kettlebell athletes

Josh Henkin, and some great new exercise ideas for you:


Double kettlebell clean conditioning tip

Great video from the Orange Kettlebell Club and fellow kb’ers Jason Dolby and John Wild Buckley showing an excellent training aid for learning the double kettlebell clean.

By isolating the arms, it brings your shifting centre of balance and hip movement  much more into focus. Suggest you try this yourself!

Advanced Kettlebell Training And Hormone Optimization Information

Check out Mike Mahler’s latest dvd here:

Here’s an excerpt on the video from his site:

You are going to love this new DVD set! The DVD footage is from my last Level 2 Advanced kettlebell course in Las Vegas. People absolutely loved the course and could not get enough. Everyone stuck around after the course to ask questions which is a clear sign that they enjoyed the course thoroughly. The attendees had a blast learning new exercises such as ballistic work done outside of the feet. This gives an entirely new feel to standard exercises such as Double Swings, Double Cleans, Double Clean and Presses, and Doubles Snatches. You will have a really good time with these new variations. In addition the attendees really enjoyed all of the new core exercises, complex drills, and stacked kettlebell work!

In addition to the extensive training, I delivered a ninety minute lecture on hormone optimization. Hormone optimization is a rapidly growing field that people are starting to become very interested in. Whenever I talk about hormone optimization to anyone they immediately show a lot of interest and cannot stop asking questions. I have been professing the benefits of natural hormone optimization since 2004 and this lecture is my most detailed and comprehensive material to date. You will learn how to tweak your nutrition plan to optimize the three main players in hormone optimization. In addition you will learn what supplements work to increase testosterone, lower estrogen, and help with stress management. The hormone optimization lecture disc alone is worth the several times more than the asking price for the DVD set.

For more information, check out Mike’s site at http://www.mikemahler.com/

Kettlebell methodology comparison, Hard style and Girevoy sport methodologies compared


Steve Cotter

Great article written some time ago but still relevant today on the differences between the two methodologies. Informative and succinct, Steve Cotter walks you through the different styles and objectives and explains a lot of initial misunderstandings about these two popular paths.

A Performance-Based Comparison of Kettlebell Methods

Download the pdf here:


read and enjoy!

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